Welcome to MS Sabine




Enjoy a boat trip with MS Sabine in the beautiful Little Belt, experience the two little Belt bridges from below, or let us sail through Fænøsund and see the beautiful nature at Gals cliff and Hindsgavl, and from there around Fænø which is Denmark's largest privately owned island on ca. 400 hectares. Let the tour continue past the entrance to Kolding fjord, while we spot the porpoises, seals and various sea birds.


Experience a small part of Funen from the seaside as you relax and possibly. enjoy your brought food on the ship's deck, or in our cozy salon. If pre-ordered, serving of sandwiches, fish tapas or the like can be arranged. on board.


You can also rent MS Sabine including the captain for companyleisure, birthdays, associationtrips, etc. (max. 12 people)


So whether you are into porpoisetrips, nature adventures, sunsettrips, relaxing sailtrips, fishing, sea hunting etc.  MS Sabine is worth it.

All children who wish to do so can, under the guidance of the skipper, be allowed to board the 30-tonne MS Sabine, and afterwards receive a certificate with date and signature that they have sailed a real boat.



Dogs can be brought on board by prior arrangement.

  For the sake of the marine environment, porpoises and other marine animals, DO NOT throw any kind of waste overboard.