Sea hunt.

Duration: approx. 7 hours
Price for ship w / captain. 
Weekdays dkk 4.000,- / € 540,-
Sat, Sun & Holidays dkk 4.500,- / € 605,-


(we make regular trips with individual registration, call and inquire with skipper)


Sea hunting from ship on Eider and other duck birds is an exciting and adventurous hunting form that provides many good, and fun, experiences for the participants.

Sailing "right" up to the birds on open water can be quite a challenge, and associated with a lot of patience. Some days there are many birds in close range and large yields, other days the birds are frightened, wind and weather are against you, and the yield is therefore small. But you'd always have had an exciting day with good companionship, as well as wind and sea air in your hair..

We have a great and long-standing experience of sailing sea hunting both here in Denmark and in Greenland 

Anyone who has a Danish hunting license and permanent residence in Denmark has the right to conduct non-commercial hunting on the Danish fishing territory. However, there are some limitations that it is important to know before embarking on the "free" hunting of the water, if you have any doubts about these restrictions, search the Danish Hunters' Association's  webpage on "Hunting restrictions on the fishing territory"